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Since the establishment of Foundation E30 in September 2011 should begin much sought cooperation. More about that below. Then we went to work on the website (whose deed), with a new domain for Heritage and weblog 2.0 (shortly…), with several new media of- ideas (See our E-Lab) and the development of activities. In the latter location played and important role.

A place for the Foundation
We have been rather a long time to develop Trompenburgstraat schedule ‘s-Graveland, one of the top monuments in the Netherlands. We wanted the Stchting also immediately establish, guided tours, organize local and regional activities, but also to be a place where heritage professionals can gather from all over Europe, can short time to stay there to gain knowledge and contacts. This calls for cultural entrepreneurship and that was just right for our foundation.
We have at the request of the State Property Service from the perspective of cultural entrepreneurship made a proposal and discussed it with the relevant asset-manager the RGD (RGD). Proved to be the last unfortunately already chosen to have an 'entrepreneur’ to take in the arm, because there is fear that entrepreneurship would work on the objectives of the Foundation was cannibalizing E30. It is unclear why we were asked to interview with the RGD in The Hague. Incidentally, an amazing idea, since this entrepreneurship precisely a core activity of the Foundation and the government precisely controls here. We wonder what will happen to Trompenburgstraat; entrepreneur would be, according to the statements of the RGD are already started. Foundation E30 resides as long as two houses away and lots of activity on Trompenburgstraat we have never seen before.

Kitchen Table sessions
We are still looking for a unique location, where the Foundation can be housed, where we have many meetings, debate, training, workshops, seminars, to lectures and inspirational sessions take place. Where are we with heritage institutions, cultural entrepreneurs, Media partners, governments and companies that want to CSR can sit around the table to plot, mutually inspire and share knowledge. Besides work meetings, Presentations, brainstorms and masterclasses we also use for some time an aberrant form: the "kitchen sessions.
In these meetings we sit informally with a small group (sometimes one by one) to each other to be in an intense conversation (clinic) of 1 from 1 to 4 hours to get to the heart of the matter, to gain new insights, a powerful why (back) found, to reinforce the identity of the organization, to give leadership content and 'followership’ and approach and roadmap t.b.v. realization (en communicatie) to think.
We make use of new media, a blackboard / flipover, visuals and techniques ideation in concepting. But we use a lot of experience even more, brainpower, binding force, creativity and common sense. Because we are, after all, with professionals among them. Meanwhile we drink good coffee, tea or juice and we enjoy ecological delights. The fee for this interview consists of the base cost (as. 50 euro) plus what it has been the interlocutor afterwards it. Like what you've? Or exactly what you're looking for? Do not hesitate to contact.

Board and Committee Recommendation
Meanwhile, we also have an almost complete board. It in any case hearing: Léontine Meijer Mensch, Dieuwertje Wijsmullerstraat, Nico Halbertsma in Merijn Fox; Sander Limonard has been approached to fill the board. We are extremely delighted that these people have pledged to help monitor the course of the foundation and can advise their diverse expertise on the future of the Foundation.
We may for the Recommendation Committee rejoice in the promise of some very respected people who want to connect to the foundation. These are: Gabrielle de Nijs Bik-, Agnes Vugts, Rob van der Laarse, Mark Janssen, Herbert-Jan Hiep, Martijn Arnoldus in Roel During. We hope to soon expand this CvA.
The work of the Foundation will be carried out by freelancers who may or may not be permanent teams carry out projects, trainings, develop concepts, and so on. We want to have left the organization to respond quickly to current events, combine a lot of expertise and we avoid (wage)costs for the foundation a limiting factor, so the foundation would be appropriate to (many) subsidy.

We work with a number of training, which Reinwardt Academy may be especially mentioned. But we strongly collaborate with other training, in the field of media, tourism, entrepreneurship, ethics, right (copyright), etc.. We do our best for crossovers because we know from experience that this can lead to unprecedented innovation.

At the request of the Dutch Museum Association (NMV) we think about a substantial contribution to the museum conference. Also renewing Museum Vision is on our list. The RCE we are in agreement on the continuation of Collection Guide, a network for professionals in the field of conservation, restoration, management and conservation, value and appreciation, etc..

The BMICE-t project, that along with we DEN, Kennisland and TNO have realized ready for a next stage after the application has been found. We now devise a plan for the continuation of the business model innovation for the cultural heritage sector; an important part of the content and contacts will be retained by DEN and via the E30 network (o.a. Heritage 2.0) and developed a new group. In addition, Stichting E30 a Business Model Brigade will’ establish, For quick support, feedback and strategy for cultural entrepreneurs. Here you can either think of a clinic, (attendance at) an expert meeting or the role of outsider who after a quick inventory and analysis gives feedback on the plans of an organization as a complete strategy. Learn More or sit with an urgent question? Neem snel contact op.

With Waag Society we came up with a concept for streaming the Museums and the Web 2012, expanded to include a number of workshops and round table discussions which we wanted to return the feedback as input to the conference. Unfortunately, that went o the last minute because a too poor data connection to San Diego. We are continuing to apply this concept to apply in improved form perform at the next conference .
E30 Foundation is a partner in the KomJeOok meetings organized by Mediamatic. Before we think about the content and themes, programming and we provide additional communication channels of Stchting E30. Following the Pitch for Stichting Doen and commissioned by Mediamatic Foundation E30 led a clinic in order to guide the winner of the pitch in the strengthening of the concept, so that a better application at Stichting Doen could be done.

Another organization we work with is Foundation disinherited Good. Disinherited Good deals with the responsible ontzamelen of 'orphan' collections and offers support to collection ran institutions that route themselves through or just want to avoid. This also looking for this foundation the public debate and calls attention to, creates awareness and involvement, the value of cultural heritage (collections). Foundation E30 thinks content along and wants to help organize the debates.

We are now working on our own business model work, because we as a foundation, our pants stop. There is still plenty to do… Continued!


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