Teamlid Oral Historyteam

ev3gav73The oral historyteam consists of three interviewers with diverse backgrounds who enthusiastically history Amersfoort capture by allowing people to tell their story. The team members are volunteers Eemland Archive. The final responsibility rests with Alice van Diepen, Director of Archives Eemland.

What we look for?
We need a colleague who is going to delve into the historical background of new projects, with the interviewers, the findings help to translate themes for the interviews together and goes in search of suitable informants in Amersfoort or environment. A translation of the project in the form of an article, blog or digital presentation also belongs to the possibilities. The final interpretation of the function will arise in joint consultation in practice. The oral history team is looking for a new colleague with an academic background, preferably history or anthropology, has experience with oral history, or is willing to deepen.

What you get in return is for?
There is a fee.

You can contact Alice van Diepen through a.vandiepen @

Eemland Archive
Town Hall 7
3811 LM Amersfoort
033 469 50 17

Mailing address:
Mailbox 4000
3800 EA Amersfoort

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