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Making heritage relevant together
Cultural heritage is not necessarily relevant by itself. There is always a need for context and conversations with stakeholders; which means the audience and those who take care for the heritage together, who admire it and create experiences. Making that context and the contact, the interpretation and communication, whether or not digital, and medially (including education and exhibit), but also preservation, collectiemanagement, marketing, etc.. etc all contribute to making this heritage relevant. At least, once we do this professionally and with dedication. This is a dynamic process in which we are constantly learning and changing.
Therein Foundation E30 wants all professionals and dedicated volunteers support; both substantive and operational level.

Knowledge, networks and projects
E30 Foundation is working on innovation, transition and knowledge transfer in the heritage sector. We believe it is important that this knowledge is vital and topical and wide spread becomes; it is in the interest of our heritage, of the sector and society. We mainly focus on organizational, innovation and entrepreneurship. And this also means that we, together with the concepts and applications heritage professionals working for public participation and liveable making heritage.

It organizes knowledge exchange E30, debate, reflection, training and crossovers around current social issues. We do this both inside and outside the cultural sector with related knowledge- and areas such as media, spatial planning, tourism, (monuments)construction, sustainability and science.

Experts at home- and abroad
E30 is a freelance network (30) experts in the field of heritage, media, business modellen, organization, change, communication, e-Culture and marriage, but also for Heritage 3.0, where contextualization and validation of paramount importance. The European highway E30, Cork to Omsk, is the metaphor for the way we work: ‘think global, combine local’.

We willen in Europa professionals (Museum employees and other erfgoeddeskundigen, restaurateurs, Teachers, advisors, zzp-ers, recent graduates) and aspiring professionals (student, volunteers) bringing into contact with each other and learn from each other and thereby let the mobility and the 'quality’ Promoting these professionals.
We also support, Together with the experts in our networks, also organizations in their business, business model, Fundraising, strategy, (museum) concepts, media productions and public outreach.

Foundation and cooperative
E30 works without structural funding and has no profit. We are constantly thinking about new business models for the foundation. The experience we share this love with the cultural heritage sector.
We are currently investigating the potential for a cooperative approach, allowing more independent colleagues can work together on interesting projects, can share their knowledge and to thereby promote employment in the sector.

Suggestions are welcome. Contributions and donations also.

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