Nico Halbertsma

Today we forever say goodbye to Nico Halbertsma, our colleague Professor, fellow board member and dear friend. Nico is op 11 December deceased. The news of his death has robbed us and made huge sad. It's as if suddenly one of the colors from the world disappeared.

We wish his family and all loved ones a lot of strength with the loss.

Nico has been for us an unparalleled source of inspiration, a person to experience. Someone who always wanted to listen to you, who wanted to think along with you, which was right in front of the opinion that he wrote, critical and compassionate of people wanted to get the best for him, the passion, creativity and humor coupled with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Someone who also himself and his environment thus continue to innovate; Nico always remained curious.

He was not only in the Netherlands, but globally appreciated and meant a lot for the future of the heritage field.
That is why we were so proud and happy that he was a board member of Foundation E30 and helped shape wanted to give to all plans and activities in which he played an important role from the beginning.

Nico, We will miss you terribly. You will now feature prominently in our minds.

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