Training Offer

The training under the heading Heritage 2.0 were given, are now offered by Stichting E30. Foundation E30 wants to include ensuring that heritage remains relevant and that the people responsible are to continue to evolve. For and by heritage professionals so. The foundation strives for knowledge sharing, including through the provision of training and workshops.

For 2014 We offer the following training in store.

  • Cross media (training)
  • Communitymanagement (training)
  • Heritage and Tourism (training)
  • HRM in the museum (masterclass)
  • Media strategieën (masterclass)
  • Online collecties (workshop)
  • Looking for business models (training)
  • Audience Reach with Social Media (workshop)
  • Talentmanagement (masterclass)
  • Using Augmented Reality? (workshop)

Are you looking for a specific training that is not listed here or workshop, take contact us. Foundation E30 could possibly provide this.

Why training and workshops?
We still see that heritage- and change cultural institutions in their relationship with visitors. Among other things, by the media with which they (marketing) communications companies, or by the use of digital tools at exhibitions and other events. But also by the strategy and business models that have re-imagined and implemented. Therefore we have a new vision and a customized way of working required. That do not matter. By actively started while (again) the principles of the organization to strengthen, can heritage institutions 'join a trend' reach a durable change not only inevitable, but also suits them.

Organizations that we have been able to serve the educational offerings include:

Allard Pierson Museum
Heritage Netherlands
Landscape Heritage Utrecht
State Service for Cultural Heritage
Eemland Archive
Utrecht Archives
VSC (Association of Science centers and museums in science and engineering)
If then is now / Sites of Meaning
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Social Affairs
Vreeswijk Museum Site
Frisian Museums 2.0
Stichting Computer Erfgoed Nederland
Internationaal Menno Simons Centre
Cultural Heritage North Holland
Museum Association
Reinwardt Academie
Public Observatory Bussloo


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