The conversation

A network without conversations is unthinkable. In addition to the online discussions facilitated by E30, we'll enhance with pleasure the offline conversation between professionals. among themselves. For this E30 organizes meetings, trainings or workshops, but we also have a range of innovative services.

Kitchen Table sessions
In these meetings we sit informally with a small group (sometimes one by one) together to be in an intense conversation 1 from 1 to 3 hours to get to the heart of the matter, to gain new insights, a powerful why (back) found, to reinforce the identity of the organization, to give leadership and a phased approach and serving interpretation. realization and communication devise. We make use of new media, a blackboard, visuals and techniques ideation in concepting. But we use a lot of experience even more, brainpower, creativity and common sense. Because we are, after all, with professionals among them. Meanwhile we drink good coffee, tea or juice and we enjoy ecological delights. The fee for this interview consists of the base cost (as. 50 euro) plus what it has been the interlocutor afterwards it. Like what you've? Or exactly what you're looking for? Do not hesitate to contact.

Businessmodel Brigade
The E30 'Business Model Brigade was formed, For quick support, feedback and strategy for cultural entrepreneurs. Here you can either think of a clinic, (attendance at) an expert meeting or the role of outsider after a quick inventory and analysis provides feedback on the plans of an organization. Of course, a comprehensive strategy can be developed from here. The Business Model Brigade consists of several experts in the field of concept, business development en innovatie. The fee for this call is made up of fees for staffing and materials, if required, and of course entirely dependent on the particular case. Learn More or sit with an urgent question? Neem snel contact op.

Interview 30
Interview 30 is a series of meetings for heritage professionals, hosted by any museum in the Netherlands, where we go monthly discussion led by two experts on a specific topic. Direction and outcomes of the afternoons are open, Indeed, it turns to the professionals among themselves. We jointly determine the course of the conversation. At the interview 30 maximum 30 Professional deelnemen. To participate in the talks is a small fee. This is intended to cover the costs incurred as room hire, catering, experts and any staffing.

The training offer Foundation E30 is designed for a variety of entry-level. These are workshops at the operational level, to training for those who continue on a strategic level to go to work and master classes specifically for managers and executives who tactically with policy.
Unlike many courses offered in the industry goes with us especially for customized, ie every workout is tailored to the specific situation of the participating heritage institution and / or persons. The workouts are also almost all offered in-company. An overview of the training offerings can be found here.

Triple E; study irritate
We think big and connect within reach. It will come as no surprise that the focus of our study lies in the European E30, The metaphor of this Foundation. The E30 runs through seven European countries, including the Netherlands. In each of these countries, we offer one or more study to. This study aim you and your organization is large (note) to think about various but specific topics. And give to your core bussiness new impulses in an exploratory manner, your services and your collaborations. From now also in a European context ...
Twice a year you can visit us one region along the E30 and there along with colleagues from the region extensively covering a specific topic. We visit participating institutions there and engage in joint sessions with external (foreign)speakers deeper on the topic. During these sessions, state of knowledge and transfer of innovative ideas and obtaining central. The possibility of cross-border cooperation between cultural heritage institutions is a further object clear that this foundation E30 cares. Worked hard on the first two trips in currently 2014 will take place. Would you actually do not wait and want to know more? Also feel free to contact on!

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