Stichting E30

As of september 2011 Foundation E30 is a fact. We are going to primarily focus on knowledge, organizational change, (business model) innovation and entrepreneurship, participation of public, media and networks in the cultural heritage sector. We focus especially on the professional heritage. And it means that we, together with the heritage professionals also develop concepts and applications for public participation, accessible and liveable making heritage, and other public activities.
Besides the Dutch-speaking region, we will also deal with these issues in a European context. Before we explain the current contacts and make plans. Meanwhile, we are actually busy with a set of projects. About that in ons E-Lab read more.
Incidentally, we do that as yet no funding and we also think hard about business models for the foundation. We share the experience again with the cultural heritage sector. Suggestions are welcome. Donations also.

We also provide a shelter for existing (online) projects. A good example of such an existing project that will be further developed under the banner of Foundation E30, is Heritage 2.0. This network we want in 2012 continue to professionalize example, a new blog, more functionality, a better archive, interaction between the different platforms that use is made, and certainly more editors of several colleagues. So we can provide more background and practical experience in addition to topical. We also hope other networks and websites offer a place.

For 2012 are many more projects planned, as (network)meetings, Erfgoed debate, but also to develop an app for heritage professionals.
The courses and workshops at Heritage 2.0 were announced, be further developed by Stichting E30.

Finally Foundation E30 will (practical) Support and advice will help in heritage projects. For that we are working to create a network of freelance both young and experienced heritage professionals now.

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