MakeWork together to make our heritage relevant

Screenshot 2013-02-27 to 23.36.13Why should we concern ourselves with heritage? Is that because we like to keep, because we need to tell as necessary stories about the past and there happy to show matching objects, it is because we give our children? We love the fact that we do this because it is relevant to us. Who we are now, what motivates us, provides direction, amazes and makes you happy, is also based on our cultural heritage.

But heritage is simply good business. It contributes to the economy (and how!) and the business climate. Then we must not only with care and respect, but it also professionally deal. Efficient and effective. And we are committed to Foundation for E30 in. By networking areas where knowledge can take place, where innovation takes a breeding and training by offering, Debatten you faciliteren, to provide publications and organize trips.

That's what happens this year and next to all. For how relevant we make our heritage, more support for it will be.

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