The history and future of Europe to follow through infrastructure and how, als ‘small parts loosely joined’, came about. Existing (fast)roads are often a continuation of previously smaller roads, identified by the larger denominator, in a larger 'context', become connected with each other. Whether it's analog or digital road, history can be read through that infrastructure, which behaves as an evolutionary set of networks,. Of Roman roads to the existing motorways, people and opinions are therefore always connected. Behalves stone an asphalt one bits one byte, includes the infrastructure therefore very much immaterial meaning. Thus, as a whole, the infrastructure the link between existing and new roads and the value that is transported along it is situated or. Such binding factor E30 Foundation.

Our society has rapidly turned into a web of networks. Infrastructure particularly online networking, be facilitated by rapidly advancing technology, but consist mainly of people. E30 Foundation assists institutions in a meaningful and strategic way to deal with the power of networking. In addition, the Foundation, in turn, use their own (online) networks and expert.



Heritage 2.0 is the largest online network for professionals in the heritage sector and other interested parties in the Netherlands and Flanders. The network is in 2007 started a weblog and additionally includes, among other things. of largest Linkedin group for heritage professionals in the Netherlands, a Twitter channel and a Facebook pagina. It is Heritage 2.0 often attend various meetings (Conferences, workshops en seminars) to provide input and to report. To create Heritage 2.0 developments, experiences, discussions and best practices in the field of heritage, participation and new media available and aims to crossovers between different sectors.

Heritage 2.0 has two subchannels:

ondernemend-erfgoed-nwHeritage Case: (@ Heritage case) news, backgrounds and best practices in the field of entrepreneurship in the heritage, business model innovatie en fondsenwerving.




Heritage News (@ Heritage news): especially for bringing daily news from various social media sources. The news is updated twice daily and is via twitter,, tweetedtimes and follow within In addition, we occasionally still use Storify and

In 2014 We will integrate these separate channels closely in Heritage 2.0 (@inheritage_eu) is an international platform for professionals in the field of heritage communication. It is being developed to meet and inspire one another, to discuss and challenge, to show and to admire examples of heritage communications throughout Europe. Founding ‘fathers’ are the participants in the European Portico project.
This is a collaboration between the cities of Gent, Chester, Cologne, Utrecht and the intitiatief Domplein founded by the INTERREG IV-B NWE and aims at exploring the spectrum of heritage conservation and communication and the Dutch Odyssee program. The Odyssee program is a project initiated by The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and former Netherlands Institute for Dutch Heritage, set up to dig up ‘cold cases’ in archaeological excavation in order to make the results accessible for scientific research and to the wider audience. Since 2013 Stichting E30 manages this platform.

CW-beeldmerk3Collection Guide (@ Collection wiser) is an online network of practical information on the management, conservation, restoration and management of heritage collections and for professionals. Intended as a resource, but also to share knowledge. The network includes a weblog, active Linkedin Group and Collection Guide wiki. The latter offers heritage professionals a platform to share knowledge about collection preservation, – sharing and management policies and keep up to date. Key strategic priorities and its value appreciation, safety, research and risk management.

Foundation will also offline E30 a strong network of major importance. We worked as the creation of the Foundation with a lot of fun together with many organizations of various kinds. Internet Stichting E30 besides above networks therefore a community set Meetup. Through this community colleagues to find each other, but also to know what (offline) when and where meetings take place and themselves for this.

These meetings will be partly free and partly ask an admission fee. We are now working on a membership that you subscribe to events and publications.

We make a case for crossovers because we know from experience that this can lead to unprecedented innovation. We work with a number of training, wherein the Reinwardt Academie, Erasmus University College Brussels in Fontys may be called.

With Landscape Heritage Utrecht We have a solid partnership in the field of education and training. E30 provides the content of a number of courses offered through Landscape Heritage Utrecht.
E30 also invests in Flemish-Dutch cooperation with o.a. FARO, Bardijnen, ValuesTV, Belgica and several Flemish Heritage Cells, like in Payottenland-Zennevallei.

Of course you can as a professional best networking at conferences, seminars or other meetings. Foundation E30 care from government and allied professionals therefore actual content at conferences such as The Museum of Congress, Dish, the Digital Heritage Conference, ICOMCeca, ICOM-ITC, one andere international day system different presentaties en lezingen.

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