What to do with the continuous stream of new software, applications, apps and media? Wait until that one good remains, and until that time only one course 'build your own website with html’ follow? All subcontract with a known builder and hope that the subsidy is provided? Unnecessary and unwise.
Foundation at E30, we try as much dificult new media for different purposes from, combine them with existing solutions, focusing on smart and sustainable strategies, Find crossovers with other sectors and gather and discuss new knowledge and understanding through Heritage 2.0 in Inheritage.eu. We are always looking for affordable and scalable alternatives to heritage institutions.
Foundation E30 works for research, implementation and maintenance along with a network of approximately 30 mainly freelance experts (de E30). Thus, we remain flexible and we combine expertise with the latest insights.

Below is an overview of more or less crystallized (test)projects. Want to know how it works? Would you guidance, een training of cursus? Foundation E30 can create custom. You can also follow one of the existing courses.

The Eccentric Museum

Pinterest is a board we started to work together with other heritage professionals to get the 'eccentric museum to ideation:”At this point we collect (think)images and expectations for the museum that dares to step outside themselves, ubiquitous and contributors to discussions elsewhere. A museum itself, eccentric, a breeding ground.” Want to play its part? Send your Pinterest username to theo [@] stichtingE30 . nl (without spaces and brackets), so we can invite you. Read meer of Pinterest the weblog of Heritage 2.0.

Wrote the

During the 3-day workshop at Smart Heritage Waag Society in September 2011 We first worked out the principles and identity for an app, special heritage professionals themselves: Wrote the. Premise: “meet colleagues across Europe, Part passion, knowledge, experience and exceptional heritage sites.” This way, foundation E30 wants to make a structural contribution to the creation of a European heritage sector, where knowledge, labor and relevance of heritage paramount.
Meanwhile (March 2014) a request is made in the context of the Creative Europe Programme and together with students from the Academy Reinwardt further thought about this app. In 2014 we hope to actually develop this app.


Heritage News

As more news is distributed via twitter, it is difficult to follow everything and to estimate value. Under the name of Heritage News we opened end 2010 / begin 2011 an additional channel on twitter and began to follow as many heritage institutions and to add a Twitter list. Based on that list (automated) a daily magazine compiled.


#Collectievissen (news…)

Met Scoop(It!) it is possible to determine from pre-selected sources on the basis of terms a page about a particular theme together. The images + test refer to the original source. Under the Heritage News, we took a dynamic page # fish collection set. Fish collection is an action via twitter, where heritage institutions in response to a changing topic opvissen an item from their collection to share via twitter. With scoopit we try to make less random for a casual visitor and moreover to see for those who are not present at twitter.

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